The Havening Techniques® use a combination of  guided cognitive activities, along with scientifically optimised, gentle human touch. This  creates a change in brainwave activity, increasing the predominance of Δ (delta) brain waves ( 0.2 - 4hz ). We normally only experience Δ brain waves while in the deepest stage of sleep, and research shows this is where our body starts its healing and restoring activity. The effect of this Slow Δ waves for the client can be life changing and cause a natural healing response.  For the first time bringing reliable science to the spontaneous drug free recovery of patients who have chosen to receive Acupuncture, Reiki, EFT, EMDR or other natural remedy.

A session can take up to two hours, and results are permanent.  

James is one of the first few Certified Practitioners of the Havening Techniques® in the U.K. and is based in Birmingham. 

Sessions can be conducted in a comfortable treatment room, or at a location of your choice, and also across Skype. 

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To a whole new meaning of healing

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​​Belief Transformation

" I'm James, Havening and Belief transformation are my passion. I get a real buzz from seeing my clients make breakthrough changes in just a short time. These techniques work better than anything I have ever seen before, and with the scientific description of the processes involved, nothing really compares in its credibility and reliability of results "

The Havening Techniques® are considered a third pillar in therapeutic intervention. Often used alongside the two established pillars of treating the mind with talk therapy, and pharmacological intervention, Havening assists healing with a new, scientific approach.

With a firm foot in western science, and the purported natural benefits of eastern medical traditions, Havening therapy is rapidly evolving our view of many common illnesses and symptoms exhibited by our bodies.

Healing Through Touch

“This man literally changed my life! I Would recommend to anyone... ”

Soraya -
​Birmingham UK

Transformative Healing and Coaching, using the power of touch...

“Changed my life, totally recommend! Anxiety and fear just melts away...”

Heather Whale -

West Midlands


  • Suitability Assessment
  • Havening Touch ®
  • Belief Transformation
  • Ongoing Coaching
  • Follow up support
  • Skype Sessions


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Using the powerful Havening Techniques® to remove the traumas of the past, and kick start the healing process.

Allow your pre-conscious processing to work toward your continuing health and success.

Make the most of the new you by creating a resilient and powerful new mental landscape. 

Exploring a detailed history and get to the core of how your brain has encoded your experiences.