How long does a session take?

Sessions can last up to two hours, some Phobias can be eliminated in less time, however at least two hours should be spent on identifying what areas the havening should be applied to in order to maximise benefits.

Are there any negative side effects?

Some times during a session, unpleasant memories from the past may surface in the course of identifying the root of the problems.  This my cause unwanted distress. however it is usually temporary, and also gives you an opportunity to release the emotional pain those memories contain.  If the client is releasing a lot of anger, or rage, there may be a period following treatment where the client feels like they cannot defend themselves, as they previously relied on anger as a defence tool. Again this is part of the journey from stress and pain to a peaceful happy cheerful equanimity​.

Can it make me stop smoking ?

Havening is not designed to affect addictive behaviour.  The depotentiation of the Amygdala may help overcome the stumbling blocks of other quitting methods, especially if your smoking is motivated by emotions. 

What does a session involve? 

During a session we look at creating an individually tailored 6 step plan focusing on one belief pivotal to success or failure in the area the client chooses.

This could be anything from an improvement in a health problem, to a successful product launch, a happy marriage instead of just a marriage, or a better Golf handicap. Literally any area can be used for a session topic. And results can sometimes be instantaneous. 

Will this process clash with my religion?

No, you religious or spiritual belief is not affected by this process.  The place you will see change happening is in your day-to-day beliefs about the topic you choose to work on with your practitioner.

I have tried stuff like this before, how is this different?

As you will be working with your practitioner, you can quantify how big the changes are during your use of the method, and have ongoing coaching to ensure you are using the method correctly. 

This isn't self-help, this is help your self,

to any new belief you need to develop. 


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