​​Havening Touch® is an innovative Healing approach which involves a simple touch of the hands, upper arm and face.

Havening (Also known as Amygdala Depotentiation Therapy- ADT)  was created by internationally renowned expert in Psychosensory Therapy,    

Dr Ronald Ruden, a published author on trauma and addictions.  Dr. Ruden developed a specialism in neuroscience and emotional trauma he has worked for over 10 years with his brother Dr. Steven Ruden, to develop Havening Techniques ® that assist permanent changes in the  brain, de-traumatising memories and permanently removing the negative effects of trauma from both the mind as well as its somatic responses in the body.

As a trusted practitioner will be performing Havening Touch®, it is essential that permission be granted for the contact part of the session.

There are certain circumstances where the practitioner or the client may not wish to touch or be touched.

This is not a problem as the client can be guided through how to self-apply Havening Touch®. 

The Havening Techniques®

There are currently 7 effective and powerful techniques to create a quantum leap in your healing and success.

  1. Event Havening 
  2. Outcome Havening
  3. Hopeful Havening
  4. Ifirmational Havening
  5. Affirmational Havening
  6. Role Havening
  7. Growth Havening

Working with your unique needs, and toward your specific goals, your Practitioner will guide you through the process of Havening Touch® to depotentiate trauma, and find new empowering meaning to past experiences. Over time the development of purpose will push you into a whole new experience of living. 

Many clients report that previously insurmountable challenges in their health, emotions and behaviour, or lifestyle, become a 'non issue' and automatically right themselves. 

Some of the conditions which Havening Touch can be useful in improving are:

  • Trauma, including P.T.S.D. and associated symptoms
  • Panic Attacks, and any form of recurring Anxiety
  • Phobias, every kind of phobia involves the Amygdala so Havening is suitable for spiders, flying, dentists, public speaking. etc.
  • ​Somatic Pain, reduction in aches and pains from injury or illness, phantom limb pain, arthritic pain.
  • Perpetual Grief, Anger, Heartbreak, Over thinking, Road rage, worry,
  • Irritable bowel Syndrome, Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction.
  • Sleeping issues, Recurring Nightmares, Night terrors. Noise sensitivity.
  • Stress management, Performance Anxiety, Success coaching, School/Workplace Bullying.
  • Occupational Health maintenance, Havening can help people perform better in their work, and take less of their work into their private lives.
  • Assistance to other therapies in overcoming Addictions, Eating and Diet problems, Gambling addictions, 
  • Illness recovery, decrease convalescent period, more complete healing

Please be advised that these Techniques are considered experimental or alternative in nature and are not to be considered medical or psychological advise. Further, they do not constitute a warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using The Havening Techniques® for any particular problem or issue.

The French-Burgess Six Step Belief Change System is a proven methodology which allows you to Minimise the negative effects of doubt, self sabotage, negative and unhelpful beliefs. 

Developed by Tony Burgess and Julie French, the methodology is both effective and empowering.

This straightforward system allows you to look at your beliefs in a pragmatic way, allowing you to view any particular belief as either 'Helpful' or 'Unhelpful'.

A common initial response to this is:

“How on earth can I drop a belief just because it is unhelpful? I have had this belief for years, most of my life in fact! I can’t just swap beliefs when I feel like it, just because it could get me better results! Beliefs just don’t change that easily”

And in its own way, this is also a belief. New techniques from the fields of therapy and coaching have now given us a way forward. 

Working through the steps with your Practitioner you can identify and release beliefs that are not helping you, and the ones that make your goals far more attainable. 

Some of the benefits are clear to see from phenomena such as the Placebo response.

It has been shown in clinical studies that simply believing that a sugar pill or saline

injection is a powerful new drug and will cure or improve an illness, even

sometimes out performing the drug being trialed.

So access to this powerful force within us is both important and empowering 

if we are going to set about any task. From healing to starting a new project a

simple belief could mean success or failure.

Sessions are available on an individual, or workshop, or whole corporation basis.

The difference it can make to the ease of a task is incalculable. Belief Change can

also be used alongside Havening Touch® to improve the results of each in a synergistic

and complimentary way. 

Dr. Ronald Ruden MD

belief Gates Personal empowerment system™

The Havening Techniques ®


Dr. Steven J. Ruden DDS PC

​Healing Touch and Belief Transformation